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Delivering a Consistent Supply of Soft Ferrite

Soft ferrite has a broad range of applications in electronics including television deflection yokes and flyback transformers, rotary transformers in video players and recorders, and switch-mode power supplies. It is also used in EMI-RFI (Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference) absorbing materials, and a wide variety of transformers, filters, and inductors in electronic home appliances and industrial equipment.


The requirements for soft ferrite are changing rapidly due to new developments in electronic engineering. JMC's extensive experience as a manufacturer of ferroalloys facilitated the development of a technology that uses manganese alloys to produce soft ferrite presintered materials to satisfy existing and evolving demands. JMC takes pride in serving as a ferrite supplier, providing a stable supply of high-quality soft ferrite presintered powder and granules to meet diverse customer needs.