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Hydrogen Storage Alloys and Hydrogen Storage Systems


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Hydrogen storage alloys have a useful and unique property — the capacity to absorb and desorb hydrogen. Many applications have been developed to take advantage of this unique property including rechargeable batteries, heating and cooling systems, and hydrogen storage systems for fuel cells.

JMC developed their hydrogen storage alloy production technology about 20 years ago and now supplies this alloy to meet a variety of needs. JMC hydrogen storage alloys are custom designed to fulfill customer applications. Please contact our sales office with your application criteria if you are interested in obtaining a quotation for hydrogen storage alloy.

Hydrogen Storage Systems

Hydrogen storage alloy reversibly absorbs and desorbs large amounts of hydrogen. The hydrogen stored in metal hydride alloy is "compressed" by more than 1000 times (there is no compression in the conventional sense — the hydrogen becomes a part of the metal hydride alloy). JMC is actively involved in designing and manufacturing hydrogen storage vessels for future and existing applications.

Hydrogen Storage Alloy Applications

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Metal hydride alloy may serve as the negative electrode in an alkaline battery because of the capacity to absorb and desorb hydrogen. Unlike other alkaline battery systems, nickel-metal hydride batteries are composed of materials that are not harmful to the environment. In addition, the performance of nickel-metal hydride batteries is superior to that of conventional alkaline battery systems. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are an important component in hybrid and zero emission vehicles.

Battery Diagram

Metal hydride alloy is the negative electrode in a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are composed of materials that are not harmful to the environment, their performance is superior to that of conventional alkaline battery systems, and they may safely operate under high current drains.

Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Fueling Station
JMC designed and built the low-pressure hydrogen storage and fueling system for Japan's first public hydrogen fueling station, which opened to the public on February 7, 2002. Details of this system were presented in June of 2002 at the 14th World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Montreal, Canada.

Hydrogen Storage Systems
JMC has designed and built hydrogen storage systems for a wide variety of stationary, mobile, and automotive applications.

Heat Pumps and Thermal Management Systems
The hydrogen absorption process is exothermic, and the hydrogen desorption process is endothermic. The heat pump and thermal storage systems take advantage of these properties.

Alloy Design and Measurement Equipment

PCT Measurement Equipment
The PCT Automatic Measuring System determines the pressure-composition-temperature characteristic curve of hydrogen storage alloy in accordance with the Sievert method. This system was developed by JMC research personnel and is used daily for quality control in our factory.

Custom Alloy and Hydrogen Storage System Design
JMC produces hydrogen storage alloys and hydrogen storage systems with a wide range of performance criteria, thus each customer application requires that the alloy and system be specifically tailored to meet the customer's operating and performance conditions.