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Chromium Metal

JMC (USA) Inc. produces high purity chromium metal for the electronics industry at its facility located in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. JMC processes a variety of chromium products in Oguni, Japan to create custom grades to meet customer requirements. Together, we  supply commercial chromium metal products ranging from 4N5 (99.995% Cr) to 2N7 (99.7% Cr) including low and high oxygen grades.

Current uses for our high purity products include sputtering targets for LCDs and photomasks, and vapor deposition sources for semiconductor manufacture. We can also supply 5N material upon request. Lower purity grades are commonly used for superalloys, stainless steel, welding rods, and related applications. If you have any interest, please contact us.

JMC Chromium Metal

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